The most important features

Solidna konstrukcja

The solid construction of the CRR heat exchanger creates a rigid self-supporting cassette and ensures proper mounting for the rotating mechanism. The rotor is suitably reinforced, depending on the diameter of the wheel.

Napęd i sterowanie

Control with the function of smooth regulation of the rotational speed of the rotor - by a motoreducer system with a frequency converter. Location of the drive on the service side at the bottom or top of the casing. Belt tension adjustment mechanism as standard.

Mniejsze koszty eksploatacyjne

The use of a hygroscopic heat exchanger reduces the demand for cooling the supplied air and reduces the size of the cooling unit. In summer, the supply air is not only pre-cooled but also dehumidified at the same time.

Wysoka wydajność

Due to the transfer of more moisture from the exhaust air to the supply air and a small amount of condensate from the exhaust air, regenerative exchangers can be used in ventilation systems with low outdoor air temperatures, and at the same time move the freezing point to lower values.

Regeneracja ciepła i wilgoci

Aluminium sheet with a hygroscopic coating, from which the rotor in the CRR-H* hygroscopic heat exchanger version is made, allows for greater recovery of moisture from the exhaust air and contributes to the improvement of the quality of the supply air.
* Implementation in 2022.

Zwarta konstrukcja

Compact design slightly larger than the rotor diameter dimension. The depth dimension ensures minimization of the length dimensions of the air handling unit section.

Inne cechy konstrukcyjne

Possibilities of purchasing of the CRR heat exchanger with or without a casing cassette. Rinsing chamber delivered for self-assembly. Rib dividing the casing vertically or horizontally.


CRR - heat exchanger in a casing
RR - rotary heat exchanger without casing
(rotator only)

S – Casing length + 90 mm
L – Casing length + 125 mm

0 - none
1 - on the service side at the bottom
2 - on the service side at the top

00 – without drive and control
D0 – napęd bez sterowania (motoreduktor, pas napędowy, koło pasowe)
DC – napęd i sterowanie (motoreduktor, pas napędowy, koło pasowe, przemiennik częstotliwości z funkcją kontroli obrotów, czujnik indukcyjny)

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Geared Motor
Frequency Converter
Inductive Sensor

Zespół napędowy

Geared Motor
Frequency Converter
Inductive Sensor


Frequency converter (inverter) with rotation control function


Eliminates pollution of supply air by exhaust air

Rinsing chamber

Barbor selection program

The Barbor rotary heat exchanger selection program offers simple and user-friendly configuration, dimensioning, component selection, various formats of results and drawings. It is intuitive and easy to use.

Download example selection


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